Wild Womb Wisdom

A 4 week container for women to come together and honour the wisdom of their womb spaces, heal ancestral patterns, and unleash their sacred embodied expression in the supportive space of her sisters.  We are not broken.  We have simply chosen to listen to a voice that isn’t our own.  Learn more



Energy Medicine

The Healing Hearts School is here to offer you training, tools, and support so that you can be your best self and activate your inner power to heal your own body, mind, and soul as well as uplift and help others to do the same.   Learn More…


Sacred Expression Retreat

For 3 days and 2 nights, we will come together in sacred space to let go of the outdated programs and narratives about what women ” should be” and honour the Wild Sacred Dark Feminine in all of her moods, reclaiming the voice and expression she unapologetically lives, and activating the power she holds in the sacred centres of our throats, hearts, womb spaces, and yonis to create the reality on earth you’ve been calling in for years. Learn more…

Meet your Guide …..

         Since a young age, I felt a wildness in me that could not be tamed.  I tried to repress her, but she would always find a way to get my attention through addictive patterns, behaviours, and in my relationships. I struggled as a young girl and woman to fit in and felt that I was often misunderstood.  Through numerous challenges and obstacles I learned to honour her wisdom, and to surrender to the flow of the wild sacred feminine.

I discovered my purpose through this act of surrender- to help other women deepen their connection to this same source within, the source of infinite healing and wholeness.

The medicines I use are numerous including Energy Medicine, Breathwork, Womb Healing, Ancestral Trauma Work, Shamanic Plant Medicine Journeys, and Feminine Embodiment Practices.  I have been holding healing space for others in small and large groups for over 15 years and have worked with hundreds of other healers, guides, and teachers through leading workshops, trainings, energy healing certifications and meditation + breathwork tools. 

Whatever the reason for being here, I have full trust that it is perfectly aligned and you are exactly where you are meant to be.  I am so glad you are here and grateful to walk this path with you toward a deeper awakening for the collective and a bigger step forward in embodying your power and purpose.  

With infinite blessings, love, and divine connection, 

Love, Akaiy’ha 

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