Welcome Wild Sister...

… to a space of untamed remembering.


Yoni Love Coven

YONI LOVE COVEN is an exploration into your feminine vessel, taking you to new depths and wisdom in your womb and yoni through the support of ancient practices of womb steaming and yoni egg for a full moon cycle.  It is a practice of unconditional love for your body and her gifts.



Wümlodge is opening Friday the 13th of October in Greely! Come and join us for an opening celebration New Moon Circle.  Check out this and other events happening this season here….


Free Womb Steam Guide

Connect deeply with your Inner Wild Woman, heal ” issues in the tissues” of your Womb Space, and tap into deeper Sensuality, with the ancient feminine wisdom practice of Womb Steaming.

Way Of The Wild Women Festival

Avonmore, ON | August 16th-18th


Welcome Sister,

Thank you for being here.  I know the power of the medicine you hold in you. 

Since a young age, I felt a wildness in me that could not be tamed.  I tried to repress her, but she would always emerge.  Eventually I knew I could no longer fight her and had to surrender to what my wild feminine was here to teach me: unconditional love and integration of all parts of myself and an honouring of the sacredness of my body.  

I discovered a deeper calling of service through this act of surrender- to help other women deepen their connection to this same source within, the source of infinite healing and wholeness.

We have been calling this in for some time… that women remember the ancestral ways of gathering in circles, singing, dancing, rejoicing in pleasure,  and reconnecting with plant and animal kin. 

Thank you for walking this path with me,

Blessings, Akaiy’ha 

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