Love Her Wild Costa Rica

Deep into the Rainforest and High into the Mountains of beautiful, lush Costa Rica we go for 7 days of all things wild, sacred, and feminine.  Love Her Wild is an immersive experience of deeper wisdom, intuition, expression, and power where you will be held, uplifted, and supported by your fellow sisters like never before.  Learn more…. 


Energy Medicine

Integrated Energy Therapy is a hands on healing system to help clear energetic blockages in our energy field and to help us connect deeper to our body’s wisdom with the help of the angelic realm, guides, and the spirit world.   Learn More…


Wild Womb Wisdom

Wild Womb Wisdom is an intentional container held in person over the course of a full moon cycle (4 weeks) to bring together women in safe and supportive space for healing of the past, embodiment of power and sensuality, and awakening of raw, authentic expression.  Learn More….


Welcome Sister,

Thank you for being here.  I know the power of the medicine you hold in you. 

Since a young age, I felt a wildness in me that could not be tamed.  I tried to repress her, but she would always emerge.  Eventually I knew I could no longer fight her and had to surrender to what my wild dark feminine was here to teach me: unconditional love and integration of all parts of myself and an honouring of the sacredness of my body.  

I discovered a deeper calling of service through this act of surrender- to help other women deepen their connection to this same source within, the source of infinite healing and wholeness.

We have been calling this in for some time… that women remember the ancestral ways of gathering in circles, singing, dancing, rejoicing in pleasure,  and reconnecting with their plant and animal kin. 

Thank you for walking this path with me,

Blessings, Akaiy’ha 

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