Awaken Your Wild

A Cyclical Wisdom Journey through the Seasons for Birthing Creativity.

Awaken Your Wild is a Cyclical Wisdom Journey for Women, a celebration of Sexual Sovereignty and a Deepening into Creative Power through Ancient Feminine Wisdom Practices, while being held in the container of Sacred Sisterhood.


A Guided Cyclical Wisdom Journey with Daily embodiment practices, weekly ceremonies, sharing circles, and support between live calls.

For all Women, both bleeding and beyond bleeding.  






Guided by our Ancestors, Plant and Animal Spirits, and Mama Earth, we will follow a Full Lunar Cycle, honouring each of the Seasons and phases and their accompanying Archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman, and Wise Woman.

Inner Spring / Maiden

We begin here at the New Moon, a time of envisioning and planning, setting the foundation for our experience, calling in the Wise Ones to guide us through. Here we prepare and make new connections, setting out Altar Spaces for daily ceremony, inspiration and reflection. The movement invitations will be easeful and playful to open us further to Maiden energy and Inner Spring.

Inner Summer / Mother

Growing to Fullness, our ideas, visions, now we know we are definitely in creatrix mode. Our daily invitations will be focussed on nurturing our bodies, hearts, and spirits, on giving and receving, and finding the flow within and without, feeling endless openess to Great Mother Earth Energy.  We will surround ourselves in reminders to bring in energies that feel safe and supportive through movement, breath, & sound.

Inner Autumn/ Wild Woman

Moving from Light Days to Dark Days is a process we all go through each month with the waning moon. When we rush this natural process, we fight the current, and this can show up in many ways, pain being one of the most common.  Here we harvest and learn to receive the fruit of our seeds that were planted in spring. Moving slower, inviting in the energy of being, and nurturing our feminine vessels are all ways we will honour this phase. 

Inner Winter / Wise Woman

The Wise Medicine Woman who holds a space in us all, calling us fully back home to our Wild Sacred Hearts, visits us the week of Dark Moon, when she disappears in the skies and is illuminated in our hearts and wombspaces. Crone Wisdom is Great Mother Earth Wisdom, and we anchor this deeply into our bodies and share our insights after reflection. A week of deep restful invitations to take pause and listen. 


Stay Tuned for upcoming dates for Fall 2024!

” It has really come to light how much I was holding in my body and powering through – never giving my body/mind a rest (even when I though I was). I come to see that without realizing it I have been holding on to a backlog of stress in my body from kids hospital stays many years ago, to lack of sleep, to work related stress, etc. etc. I even can point to times my body has been calling out for me to take care of myself ” LA