Join us for an evening of honouring the path of crone to maiden, still blanketed in the wisdom of the dark feminine energies, and welcoming the return of longer days & light feminine energies, setting intentions for the coming year. 



Sister, all of you is welcome here.


You’re invited to join us on December 30th (call it a pre new years gathering if you desire 🙂 ) when Yule (Winter Solstice) has just passed and we begin shifting toward lighter days, the sun moving closer to earth, nature showing signs of spring on the way.


This is a time of moving into lighter energies, within us and in the outer world.  We have navigated the descent into the darkness and the dark feminine energies, gone into the mystery inside, and are starting to come out with a renewed sense of empowerment, clarity,  spaciousness, and reverence for the dark and the rest we have needed.


Nestled in the coziness of the Sacred Circles Yurt, there will be space for feeling into what it is that we deeply want to call in, to set intentions for the coming spring and the year ahead, for honouring both our dark and light feminine energies and they gifts they offer.


The Sacred Medicine of Cacao will be served to tend to our hearts, enrich our intentions, songs, prayers, and dance, and celebrate our renewal once again.


Spring 2023.  Dates TBA. 



Hi! I’m Akaiy’ha, creator of Medicine Women Rising. 

I love bringing women together in sacred spaces that hold us so well and support our deepest growth and unfurling. 

Women have been gathering in red tents and circles for ages to honour the feminine in all of her ways.  I am so glad you’re here.