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Yoni Steaming or Womb Steaming is an ancient self healing practice using herbs to help heal, release, and reconnect us with our womb space and yoni.  Yoni is sanskrit for “sacred space” and is the portal to our most wild and sacred self.  

If you are new to yoni steaming or you already have a practice, you will find everything you need here to get started!  

Below you will find instructions as well as a printable PDF, plant ally guide, and meditation you can download to use during your ritual.

Why Womb Steam?

This is an ancient practice that can help with improving our experience of our moon cycle and relieving cramping, dryness, bloating and aiding in healthy menstrual flow as well as easing symptoms associated with fybroids, ovarian cysts, and symptoms of menopause. Best to be done before bleeding/menstruation, (inner spring, summer, autumn)

Helps connect us to our yoni/pussy energetically and clear out stagnant energy in womb and yoni from past partners and experiences. Honouring our sacred space of power and creation.

How it Works

How it Works

Let’s Get Started

You can do this anytime of day… Morning will be a nice way to ground before beginning your day, evening can offer so much relaxation and comfort before heading to bed. 

You will need: 

1. A blanket to cover your legs during yoni steam and keep steam in
2. A large pot with about 3 cups of boiled water
3. A yoga block or bolster to sit on so you are high enough that the bowl is at the height of your yoni/ vaginal opening.
4. 2 handfuls of plant allies you’re working with today (see below for plant allies and healing benefits) (fresh or dried)
5. A journal and pen to write insights
8. A candle and smudge (optional)

The Ritual:

1. Set your space so it feels safe and sacred
2. Boil water
3.Allow intention to arise by placing hands on heart and womb or yoni and asking what is wanting to be nurtured, seen, noticed, let go of etc

4. Choose herbs that you feel intuitively support your intention

5. Add two small handfuls (or tablespoons) to pot and cover for 5 minutes

6. Sit on block or bolster and place pot in front of you (Make sure water is not too HOT)

7. Cover your front and back with a large towel (or two) or blanket

8. Sit back and get comfy allowing your body to receive this healing practice

9. Writing down any insights you receive or notice during your practice

10. When done with your bowl of herbs, give them back to the earth under a tree or any area that feels sacred to you, thanking mama earth for her love and support through these healing plants. 


When NOT to Steam: 

  • Pregnant
  • Menstruating
  • If you are prone to or are experiencing spontaneous bleeding, bleed in-between periods, or have two periods per month.
  • When trying to conceive, do not steam during your fertile window or after ovulation.
  • In extremely hot weather.
  • When using certain procedures and interventions for birth control, including IUD,  Endometrial Ablation, Tubal Cauterization, Essure, and the patch hormonal birth control.


Plant Allies 

The power of yoni steaming stems from the plant kin and their support, wisdom, and how they are able to lend help with such grace and ease.  No need for talk therapy here… let the plants hold you.

These are a few common plant allies you may already have in your medicine cabinet.  There are thousands of plants than can be used for yoni steaming.  Let your body guide you to the perfect ones for you. 


connecting to ancestors, good as a base, fight bacterial infections Increase circulation, blood flow, encourages healthy menstrual flow,


clears stagnation to help with cysts and fibroids, helps us with maintaining healthy boundaries, used as support during deep inner work


detoxing from contraceptives, invigorates the womb after miscarriage or abortion, encourages healthy flow (helps with balancing scant or heavy flow), connecting us to our roots / ancestral wisdom,


Cleanses and minimizes bacteria, helps reduce inflammation itching and redness, heals scar tissue, vaginal tears after episiotomy, helps with healing of hemorrhoids, reminds us of our childlike innocence and joy, supports in healing sexual abuse (especially from childhood)



reduces cramps, tonifies tissues of the yoni, decrease blood clots, moves out stagnation, helpful during postpartum and encourages the contracting of uterus, reminds us of our sacred sexuality, sensuality, and our innocence, supports us through healing from sexual abuse or oppression


calming, balancing, soothing, helps reduce redness, itchiness, and inflammation, promotes healing, helps reduce cramps, reminds us of power of resting and receiving


Supports healthy balance of bacteria, small amounts support relaxation while large amounts support enlivening and awakening of tissues, helps with healing of scar tissue, reminds us to take time for ourselves, to relax and honour the pauses

Sacred Blessings

Sacred Blessings

Meet Your Guide 

For the past 20 years I have been on a journey of re-wilding and remembering my ancestral ways through embodiment practices, energy and plant medicine, breathwork, and sacred sound.

For a large part of those 20 years I have been helping others do the same.

Yoni Steaming has been a sacred practice for me of reconnecting and listening to the inner wisdom held in my womb space and letting this be my compass back home to my true nature and power.

My wish is that this offering will serve you well on your own journey.  Thank you for being here.

With love, Akaiy’ha



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