Journey into the wild sacred heart of Costa Rica for an epic story of loving your wild.


Goddess, you were born to make love to the earth, from the curves of your mountain body, to the rivers of your womb, you are all things wild and free.

LOVE HER WILD  is an 8 day/7 night immersive experience for women who love gathering in the wild, exploring in the deep, dancing in the fire of transformation, and frolicking in their feminine.  For 7 days we will live from the feminine, being, creating, expressing her in all of her forms. We will explore what wild is for each of us and give ourselves permission to show up in the world as her. We will give to our bodies through self care rituals and attune our hearts, wombs, and yonis to her deepest wisdom.

In circle as sisters, we journey together to the depths of our magick, reclaiming the wild heart within, diving deep into the water of our wombs, living from the creative juices that flow from this space. We will hold each other and witness the letting go of the old and birthing a new paradigm together, one that is based in love, free of conditions, free of fear.  We will honour our YES , NO, and maybe, tending to our sacred vessels in a way that feels opening, softening, and empowering.  . Our hearts will connect us back to sisterhood and our wombs to the Great Mother.  

During our time together, we call on the Wild Woman and our ancestors to guide us through the process of reclaiming what has been lost, coming back home to our wild, sacred selves.  Re-attuning to our cyclical nature through the body and earth based feminine wisdom practices, we find the source of love within and for all.  Our days will be filled with rest, ritual, and celebration.  There will be ceremonies, medicine circles, song, sound healing, breathwork, daily movement and embodiment for our female bodies, nature walks, and time to connect with the land and each other.


The Oasis

The Love Her Wild Immersion takes place in the serene location of Rio Chirripo Lodge on Chirripo Mountain where you will encounter breathtaking landscapes from cascading riverbeds to green covered mountain tops.   This space is truly a haven for wild hearts to let go of daily ” to dos” , relax, and enjoy being immersed in an abundance of natural beauty, nourishing food, and a river spa. 

Gather for Medicine Circles and Ceremony surrounded by lush trees and soaring birds with the sound of the Chirripo River in the background (just a walk down the path to the river)  


Your Host


Akaiy’ha is a Sacred Feminine Embodiment Guide and founder of Medicine Women Rising who has been helping others access the healing power within their bodies for over 15 years.  She has a passion for creating deeply transformative experiences for women to come back home to their power and truth through the wisdom held in the sacred vessel of their voices, hearts, wombs, and yonis.  She loves bringing women together in circle to call in and celebrate their innate wildness and deepest most authentic expression.  Over the past 15 years she has hosted many circles, trainings, and retreats in supportive spaces in Canada, United States, and Costa Rica.

Here in Costa Rica she is proud to be joined with Martine Racette of Rainforest Reef Escapes to provide a unique and authentic Costa Rican experience.  




" I have been trying to find the words to express my gratitude for what this retreat awakened for me, the words that best describe it is “life changing”. I have spent these past few weeks in awe of what keeps coming up, and what I have been attracting into my life, and what is being let go.  The clarity of my calling, which isn’t completely clear, but coming into view.  All I know is I’m not afraid to leap, to allow The Great Mother to guide me, and the universe catch me.  I am so thankful for the sisterhood I have found in all of you, honestly not once did I feel out of place or awkward.  I felt at home. I felt held. I felt loved.  I have been able to integrate all of this. And it continues to give me strength. " Sherri

" I defs wanna have the whole naked experience again though, that level of safety and freedom is fucking epic🙌🏼 For me the feeling sexier part didn’t come from being naked…it came from finding my womb space again and opening up that energy. N then having the realization after that dancing is when I have felt the most sexy in my life and even when I wasn’t dancing I still carried that energy w me in my days. It had zero to do w my looks/body ever! Lol. It was the inside feelings…the music in my soul…the movement in my body💖 Yessuh🙌🏼 " Candace M

" Thank-you so much for your offering.   I do feel altered I am undergoing a major upgrade!!! Awesome! and once again what magnificently beautiful timing. I completely see why you love when you have the opportunity to share this with other women. Gosh so amazingly empowering, freeing and connecting. Wholeee shit! "  Rhianna
" Thank you for being so unapologetically & beautifully representative of all things feminine- you are truly an inspiration to all of us & a force to be reckoned with. There is a softness to your strength & I believe you have been granted the gift of channeling the divine feminine energy & synthesizing it in A way that allows modern day women to resonate with & empower ourselves! " Trina

" So much freedom in that naked dancing. It's truly liberating! I couldn't believe I actually did it! And that it was the most empowering, Magick thing I've maybe ever done! I often ask my clients to reflect on a time when they felt most free, authentic, aligned with their souls purpose, dharma... this was definitely a moment for me ❤️❤️❤️❤️ yay for feeling safe in my own skin! Not something I've experienced a lot of in my life! " Kim

" Thank you for the tools you gave me, What it means to be feminine (especially in my masculine dominant world ), Wild and flowing, she almost always gets shut down, (now she has permission to show up, I like her) , the give /take wheel, visualizing , how to create an altar, and how to dance and celebrate my feminine energy.  Thank you most of all for creating a safe space for me (and the other women) to be me. " Patty

" Now that I’ve finally (properly!) integrated the Sacred Space Retreat, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the magical weekend. I felt so loved, so at-home, and so comfortable. Akaiy'ha has such a beautiful way of including and welcoming all of you, and created a space for us to share safely, love deeply, and feel all of the feelings. So much gratitude for the time spent with all of the beautiful women there!"  Samantha 

" Akaiy'ha has a special ability to hold space for women in a way that makes them feel safe, nurtured and supported.   Participating in her embodiment course was something I knew in my heart that I needed to do.  The  vulnerability I felt going to her embodiment class was quickly defused as we slowly and beautifully moved into a space of sharing, compassion and love for what it means to be a women.   I would recommend any class that Akaiy'ha offers. "  Shannon


" Connecting deeper to my womb has been so healing. The pain on my side is nearly there anymore. I feel more open than ever to my divine feminine and expressing my truest sexual nature. All the while feeling so incredibly held and safe in sisterhood.  What I take forward is "new beginnings." We have opened up a portal to birth. I feel this deep sense of inner knowing that there is so much more to come. I can't wait to witness what we all bring fourth and co-create together. Listen. The wise & wild women are calling. Awo, awo, Awoooooooo!!! " Larissa 

" It has really come to light how much I was holding in my body and powering through - never giving my body/mind a rest (even when I though I was). I come to see that without realizing it I have been holding on to a backlog of stress in my body from kids hospital stays many years ago, to lack of sleep, to work related stress, etc. etc. I even can point to times my body has been calling out for me to take care of myself, culminating in appendicitis last year. " LA

" The Naked Circle was so empowering for me.  I have felt restrained and restricted and restless for so so many years, and that night of the circle, for the first time in forever I felt free, I felt like a Goddess, I felt seen and accepted and appreciated and loved and held.  I wasn’t afraid I cannot wait to do it again.  It awoke the parts of me I only ever fantasized about, I can’t wait to expand on this experience. " Sherri


  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure in San José, Costa Rica’s capital city. 
  • First and last night shared accommodation with breakfast in a lovely boutique hotel near the international airport in San José.
  • Five nights shared occupancy at Rio Chirripo Lodge located at the base of the famous Chirripo Mountain. 
  • Three delicious meals per day including unlimited tea, complimentary fresh juices and coffee at breakfast. 
  • Visit to the Secret Gardens & Cloudbridge Reserve
  • A basic gratuity for the staff at both lodges. 
  • International flights – We can advise. 
  • Specialty coffees, juices and alcoholic beverages available for purchase.

Dates:  January 13th-20th , 2024


Energy Exchange: 
$2690USD until August 15th,2023 

book your spot with $500USD deposit 

$2990USD after August 15th,2023

Payment plans available.

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