A deeply embodied woman is wild, creative, unapologetic, and raw in her expression, her truth, and her desire. 

Red Tents have been a symbol throughout time and various cultures of women gathering to bleed and bring wisdom back to their tribes and communities. 

The red tent represents the dark feminine energy of the wild woman, the crone, and medicine woman ( to name a few), and are a space of honouring the darker seasons of our wombs, our intuition and creativity. 

For centuries women have hidden their creative power and gifts out of fear of persecution and death, and stopped gathering in this sacred way.  Now is the time of remembering.

The Red Tent Sessions are an online monthly gathering space for sisterhood, connection, sharing medicine, and remembering our wholeness through earth based feminine wisdom teachings.

Women have been hiding their wildness for centuries because it wasn’t safe to share it openly.  

Now is the time of Medicine Women Rising, and coming back home to our wild, ancestral ways of gathering and letting ourselves be seen fully in our authentic raw power. 


This space is not focussed on ascending to a higher plane or existence or leaving behind this world for another, but rather, of descending into the depth and darkness of the soil, the earth, for this is where the magick is, in the fertile void of the womb space from which all creations flow. 

We meet each month during the emptying of the moon, the waning phase, and call upon our wise ancestral grandmothers, opening ourselves to the wisdom held in our wombs, singing our greatest dreams into reality, and anchoring them into the earth through the path of pleasure held in our bodies. 

We are led by the seasons, as cyclical beings, tuning back into the pulse of the earth, our great mother.  

We will move our bodies, sound our spirits through song, and invoke the energy of wild untamed sisterhood.  We will share and connect in the ethers, answering the wild calling of our spirits and hearts, anchoring ancient earth medicine into newly woven tapestries, and adorning the walls of our red tent with our deepest desires and visions. 

Now is the time of bringing your gifts to life sister.  This space is for every part of you.  



Red Tent Online Circles Schedule & EE

You may choose to join us when you feel called or for the entire 11 cycles of this journey.

We meet on Zoom Wednesdays at 8pm EST/ 5pm PST.  

February 15th – Preparing for Spring / Intention Setting / Crone to Maiden transition

March 15th – Spring Equinox / Ostara / Setting Foundations & New Beginnings

April 19th – New Moon/  Ready to Receive / Surrendering into Softness / Yoni Steam

May 17th–  Black moon / Beltane/ Polarity & Sacred Fires of Sexuality 

June 14th – Summer Solstice/ Dark Mother / Connecting with Nature Spirits 

July 12th– Creative Juices Flow / Intuitive Art / Spirit Song 

August 16th – Lughnasadh / Harvest / Manifestation

September 13th – Fall Equinox / Mabon / Gratitude 

October 11th – The Sacred Passage of Death / Preparing for the downward descent 

November 8th – Samhain / Thinning of Veils / Ancestral Realm 

December 6th (Closing Ceremony) – Yule Blessings / Reflection & Celebration

All circles are recorded and you will receive the recording link following the session so if you can’t make it but would like to partake in the offering at your own pace, it is there for you. 

Energy Exchange :

$33 per month OR $222 for the 11 months (savings of $141)