Women have always been the keepers of the cauldron of life, our wombs holding the essence of creativity, sensuality, and magick.

In times past, our ancestors would gather in circle to honour the  feminine and her relation to the natural world, through song, dance, and sacred ritual.  Over time her depth, darkness, intuition, and power was seen as a threat to a patriarchal overtaking.

She was shamed, tortured, and killed as a witch, a term once reverred by women to mean wise, wild, and attuned to nature, a keeper of medicine.

In our modern world, her wisdom has been hidden away, forgotten, and as women age they have been viewed as less than their ancient feminine ancestors.

Now is the time of re-awakening to her, within us all, and to bringing her magick and our gifts to life.

Your womb is your cauldron sister, a space where your creativity abides, and where you hold the power to give life to your deepest desires and expression. 

Have you been seeking a space where you can tap into your creative power and bring your gifts to life?   

Have you been holding yourself back from sharing your gifts out of fear of what others may think or say? 

What would it feel like to be fully accepted in your authentic raw nature? 


Our cozy and private home away from home…

Nestled on a private pristine lake, this unique strawbale timberframe cottage is our home away from home during our time together.  Located just 45 mins from Ottawa on the beautiful Lake Willoughby on the private 200 acre Parc Solisterra, we will have everything we need to make our stay deeply relaxing, cozy, and enjoy the tranquility and ambiance of the natural surroundings that will hold us through our time together.  This space has a natural rustic feel with a cedar sauna, pristine waters for swimming, and plenty of outdoor and indoor space for gathering and sitting in circle together.

This immersion will have a focus on communal cooking and sharing of food, honouring our ancestral ways of gathering in the kitchen to make meals together.  We will eat seasonally in tune with nature, healthy, wholesome meals and snacks. 

When women gather in sacred spaces with the intention of healing in sisterhood and honouring the path of the wild feminine,  it is an invitation to meet ourselves anew, to go into our depths and uncover what is hiding there waiting to be seen, heard, and loved.  It is also a catalyst for bringing our creative gifts and magick to life and taking this back into the every day with us so that we can live our life FULLY.

We gather at the time of Summer Solstice, when the mother is most fertile, her creativity ripe and juicy, alive and open.  As those with wombs, we can tap into this creative power and give ourselves the permission to show up fully, to play, express, and drink the milk from the breast of life herself.  

Sister, if you’re ready to unleash the power of your Wild Feminine and honour her fully, to connect more deeply than before to your body and love her unconditionally, and to be welcomed by a group of women you can call sister, this is for YOU. 


Your Guide…

Akaiy’ha is a Wild Feminine Embodiment Guide, Healer, and Medicine Woman who draws from her Ancestral earth based lineages and wild feminine womb wisdom teachings both in her personal practice and when guiding others in circles and immersions.  For over 16 years Akaiy’ha has dedicated her livelihood to helping others tap into the healing power of their bodies and awaken their gifts and magick.  She is the Creatrix of Medicine Women Rising, a collective of women who share a passion for unearthing the old ways of living in harmony with the Great Mother Earth and integrating this wisdom into the ever changing world of today so that we remember who we really are and why we came here in this lifetime.  Her mission is to help women feel empowered through giving birth to their deepest desires and creative projects. 

" I came away from this weekend feeling more nourished, connected, grounded, and powerful that I have ever felt. I am immensely grateful to Akaiy'ha for her powerful presence, magical space holding, and how she demonstrated to us so beautifully how to step into our wild woman energies"  Joanne

" With so much gratitude to the most beautiful women I shared space wtih and our teacher Akaiy'ha whose grace, beauty, and presence was just about the most powerful healing thing I have felt in a very long time"  Natasha

" It has really come to light how much I was holding in my body and powering through - never giving my body/mind a rest (even when I though I was). I come to see that without realizing it I have been holding on to a backlog of stress in my body from kids hospital stays many years ago, to lack of sleep, to work related stress, etc. etc. I even can point to times my body has been calling out for me to take care of myself, culminating in appendicitis last year.  I am slowly looking for ways to build more release into my days/weeks. "  LA 

" Now that I’ve finally (properly!) integrated the Sacred Space Retreat, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the magical weekend. I felt so loved, so at-home, and so comfortable (even when uncomfortable and naked in the freezing river water!) Akaiy'ha has such a beautiful way of including and welcoming all of you, and created a space for us to share safely, love deeply, and feel all of the feelings. So much gratitude for the time spent with all of the beautiful women there! " Samantha

" Thank you for being so unapologetically & beautifully representative of all things feminine- you are truly an inspiration to all of us & a force to be reckoned with. There is a softness to your strength & I believe you have been granted the gift of channeling the divine feminine energy & synthesizing it in A way that allows modern day women to resonate with & empower ourselves! " Trina
" Thank-you so much for your offering.   I do feel altered today...like I am undergoing a major upgrade!!! Awesome! and once again what magnificently beautiful timing. I completely see why you love when you have the opportunity to share this with other women. Gosh so amazingly empowering, freeing and connecting. Wholeee shit! "  Rhianna

" Thank you for the tools you gave me, What it means to be feminine (especially in my masculine dominant world ), Wild and flowing, she almost always gets shut down, (now she has permission to show up, I like her) , the give /take wheel, visualizing , how to create an altar, and how to dance and celebrate my feminine energy.  Thank you most of all for creating a safe space for me (and the other women) to be me. " Patty

" Akaiy'ha has a special ability to hold space for women in a way that makes them feel safe, nurtured and supported.   Participating in her embodiment course was something I knew in my heart that I needed to do.  The  vulnerability I felt going to her embodiment class was quickly defused as we slowly and beautifully moved into a space of sharing, compassion and love for what it means to be a women. "  Shannon


Dates & Times 
    This immersion is being offered for both the Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox in 2023. Each will follow a similar flow with a slightly different feel based on the season and transition we are in at the time. 


    Energy Exchange

    Single Room $999 

    Shared Room $888 (2-3 women per room each in own bed) 

    Early Bird Savings of $111 in effect until April 30th (for Solstice immersion) & June 30th (for Equinox Immersion) 

    Easeful payment options available.  Save your spot with a deposit or pay in full.  Once payment is received we will reach out to connect via phone for a discovery call with Akaiy’ha to meet you and go over some retreat details.  

    Refund Policy:  We do not offer refunds on deposits or final payments.  A credit can be issued and put toward another immersion, circle, or private session.

    To secure your spot, use the Paypal Buttons below or email transfer us at akaiyha@medicinewomenrise.com


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