Are you ready to go deeper into your sacred vessel and experience your body as the loving, creative, and wise form that she is? 

Do you desire to awaken your sacred medicine within and amplify your self healing power?



Introducing the Red Tent Sessions….


Women have been gathering in red tents and sacred spaces for thousands of years.  These spaces have always been a symbol of our sovereignty, medicine, and connection. 

At a time when so many are stepping into their gifts, remembering their ancestral ways, and desiring an intimate and compassionate container to tend to their sacred vessel, these sessions are a space outside of a group format to go deep with my loving witness and support. 

Every session is as unique as the woman you are.  We create the space and energy to allow what is coming through for you to be released, healed, transformed, to help you get in touch with your heart, womb, yoni on a deeper level, and to ignite the pleasure and joy that come from your body, naturally.

These sessions are offered online via zoom.  If you are desiring to meet in person for a session, please message me (for Ottawa area).

Here are some ways we can tailor our time together….


~ Womb Wisdom teachings of the moon cycle and how this relates to your energy and cycle

~ Relational tools and boundary work for calling in deeper connection and intimacy

~ ancestral healing through light language channeling, sound healing, energy medicine (hands on healing for in person)

~ opening up creativity to flow through with greater ease with intuitive painting

~ Yoni Steaming for connection to sacred centres and releasing old patterns and partners energy and clearing energy pathways

~ Yoni devotion with mirror work for healing birth trauma, awakening pleasure, loving your body, loving all of you.

~ Energetic Self Massage and de-armouring to help release areas where the body is holding on (armour) and to help with feeling safe to be in your body, safe, grounded, and open to receiving

~ Emotional Release practice to release and allow energy to flow through, making space to be at ease in your body

~ Medicine Song and Expression based exercises to open and amplify your voice and expression



If you have something specific you wish to call in, please contact me to discuss further.  Yours in service,  Akaiy’ha

To book.. use the button below!  Looking forward to holding space for you soon <3



Since my young years, I have felt a deep connection to many of my past lifetimes where I was a priestess, healer, and medicine woman.  In many of these lifetimes, I was shamed, abused, and even killed for expressing and honouring the gifts that were coming through me.  These intuitive gifts and sacred feminine embodiment practices from those lifetimes were re-activated in me during this lifetime as I learned to overcome the fear holding me back from expressing my true nature and divinely guided potential as a guide and healer for many women.  I have served others in the world of Energy Medicine, Wellness, and self-healing practices for the past 15 years helping women and men awaken their inner healer and activate their potential to be of service in the world.

My personal journey of motherhood (to 3 amazing beings) and that of healing my body from pain, overcoming patterns of ancestral trauma as well as my passion for bringing greater healing and awareness to women has led me to channel my teachings to womb + ancestral healing. Over the past decade, I have created and hosted transformational circles, trainings, and retreats in beautiful spaces in Canada, USA, and Costa Rica and feel a deep sense of gratitude for holding space for women to step into their purpose and power.   

Thank you dear sister for being here, I honour you, I see you, I love you Akaiy’ha xoxo