Way Of The Wild Women is a Retreat Style Festival bringing together Women in nature over 3 days in a space of Wild Reclamation, Ceremony, & Sisterhood.


Women have been coming together in Circle to Dance, Sing, & Share the gifts of  the Sacred Feminine for thousands of years.

It is in our blood and bones to share our Medicine with each other and to live in harmony with the natural world around us and within us. 



Welcome Home, Sister.


The theme for this year is Cyclical Living.  

Women are Cyclical Beings, Creating, Birthing, Bleeding, and moving through Life guided by the Natural Rhythms of the Moon & Seasons, and the Tides of Change & Transformation.

Supported by the Wisdom of the Seasons and the Archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman, & Wise Woman, we will come together in a natural setting to celebrate the beauty and wholeness of being Women in our raw & wild nature. 

Imagine a weekend designed to FILL YOUR CUP with Self-Healing and Embodiment Practices, Sacred Ceremony, Music, Dance, Art, Wild Crafting, Breathwork, and Mindful Movement where you feel completely at Home, Nourished, and Celebrated.  You can do as little or as much as your heart desires.

Way Of The Wild Women is a space where ALL OF YOU IS WELCOME, of Reclaiming Wild Ancestral Practices, and of Remembering the Goddess that you are. 







Below are the workshop descriptions being offered on various practices and topics centred around Cyclical Living by an amazing group of Medicine Women.

Keep in mind that several workshops will be offered at the same time.


Adrienne Asgary

Adrienne will be one of our GODDESS GUIDES this year.  She will be helping out with organization and volunteering during the festival, as well as joining in on the festivities!

Amanda Hudson

Nourished an EFT/Tapping Workshop: As women, many of us are taught from a very early age to put others’ needs before our own and minimize our presence. Together, we will use the somatic practice of EFT/Tapping (gentle tapping on acupressure points) to release these patterns and reclaim our sense of nourishment and self-worth. Join us on this journey of transformation. Find more about tapping with Amanda here

Amanda Rassam

Embrace your Inner Goddess and your power of manifestation in the Sex Magic & Manifestation Workshop with Amanda. Learn how to tap into your creative sexual energy and focus it on bringing your deepest desires to life through Sacred Sexuality Practices & Plant Medicine. This workshop is a Portal into your Sacred Feminine Energy.

Anne Jarbouh

Anne will be helping out as one of our GODDESS GUIDES this year! She will be a volunteer at the festival and will also have a booth in the Marketplace where she’ll be sharing her love for art in a Pop-Up Art Studio.  Find her on Instagram 

Barefoot Botanics

Wildcrafting & Skincare : Learn about the therapeutic properties of wildcrafted plants & Explore botanical oils and learn about their benefits. Observe a hands-on demonstration in herbal skincare formulation using natural & sustainable ingredients. Discuss how this unique blend represents the intentions of the collective wild woman. Take home a small bottle of body oil, hand-crafted on site. Barefoot Botanics

Billie Lynn Hillis

Billie will be offering a Sacred Fire Ceremony workshop dedicated to inner child healing. We will gather around the sacred fire with open hearts and intentions to reconnect with our inner child, to offer love, healing, and nurturing to the wounded parts within us. Gaia Wellness Retreats & Gaia Wellness Clinic. 

Bryarly McEachern

Awaken your subtle sexual energy and deeper love for your body through this beautiful Self-Love Ritualcombining dance/movement, a Taoist meditation to nourish your inner body and organs, and a Tantric self-massage for the breasts and upper body. Blissful peaceful sensations arise through this ritual and it supports our wholistic wellness as women. Earth Nectar, Tantra Wellness for Women


Chedza Mudongo

Blossom  & Balance – a Wholesome Eating Guide for Women with Chedza, is a space of getting in touch with your intuition around food choices and learning to bring balance and harmony to your body and health. Chedza is a health coach who helps Women take care of their bodies through Motherhood and beyond. Learn more about Chedza’s offerings here


Christina Sofia

Descent into the Dark is an experience that brings Women into the depths of their wombs and gives them a chance to feel and release their emotions and tap back into creativity. Moving them into the dark to find the light. It uses somatic, breathing, dance, sound, and archetypes. Christina Sofia Coaching

Corinne McEachern

Connect with Rose Medicine and the source of feminine creative energy in the womb and heart. We will combine gentle movement, grounding and clearing practices, and breast and womb massage with rose oil, drinking rose tea, and a guided meditation to meet Rose. This workshop offers a beautiful connection to oneself, other women, and the loving power of Rose medicine. Connect with Corinne on Facebook

Falen Reid

Sacred Sound Ceremony: Join Falen for a journey of Sound and Energy where you will be transported into the inner world of your sacredness through the vibration of Reiki Infused Sound Healing. This workshop will leave you feeling deeply grounded and connected to your voice and truth. Flourish with Falen

Jasmine Bourguignon

Discover the transformative power of henna in the Divine Designs Women’s Henna Circle. Join us for a guided meditation, meaningful discussions on setting intentions and manifesting, hands-on henna application, and an exploration of its history, healing properties, and cultural significance. Immerse yourself in this ancient art form, channeling your intentions into beautiful works of art.  The Whimsy Bee Paints

Jeanne Beaudry

Spiritual Artist and Yoga Teacher, Jeanne helps women awaken their inner power through art. You can find different products in her mystical shop to bring more sacredness and beauty to your rituals; art, intention journal, art prints, agenda and more. She will be gracing the marketplace with her artwork. Jeanne Beaudry Art & Yoga

Kathryn Baker-Reed

Spiral Energy – Coping with Grief, Loss, and Major Life Transitions: We all experience loss, it is inevitable, painful, and necessary – a part of the earth’s process that we all share in. During this workshop there will be a Visualization process to create a space where we can feel, share, and honour Loss/Grief/Endings. This is a space where we can come together, support each other, and celebrate our strength and resilience. Thrive Centre Smith Falls

Krista Reid

Krista will be leading a Sacred Heart Breathwork Ceremony between body and breath, to guide you deeper into the intelligence of the heart.  With an intention to land into this space for deep listening and receiving.  Each breath, a prayer to let go, and let in, all that is good for us. All that is love. Krista Reid, Breathwork Teacher & Guide.

Kristen Provost

Autumn Goddess Nia Dance  is an experience designed for women to experience body healing, pleasure and play through medicinal movements that will leave women with a strong feeling of empowerment felt at their soul level. This workshop is designed for women to embrace their divine feminine within and sensuality through the exploration of sacred movement and natural rhythms of the feminine dancing body. Nia with Kristen

Kelly Davidson

Kelly is one of our GODDESS GUIDES this year. She will be helping out wtih registration and throughout the festival as a Volunteer, and also joining in on the festvities!  She will also be saying a Welsh Blessing at the opening and closing ceremonies.

Krystal Peterson

We are delighted to have Krystal Petereson of Divine Light Massage joining us in the Marketplace, where she will be offering Massage, Energy Work, and Tarot readings. You can learn more about her offerings Here

Mackenzie St. Laurent

Embark on a transformative journey through the intricacies of your menstrual cycle in our comprehensive workshop, Embrace Your Cycle: Self Nurturing Through the Seasons. Delve into the intimate connection between each phase of your cycle and the natural rhythm of the seasons, discovering the unique strengths and self-care needs inherent in each. The Cycle Newsletter

Natalie Piñate

Heal Feminine Wounding through Family Constellations. Natalie will guide participants through a process to help heal the wound of belonging and healing our feminine ancestral wound.  A very potent experience for all and to create an amazing ripple effect for the Collective Feminine. Nat’s Lighthouse

Natasha Moine

Invoke your inner goddess through a Divine Feminine Yoga Journey, stimulate the base chakra, and cultivate earthiness, radiance, and stability through asana. Engage in sensual flow to awaken courage, abundance, and creativity. Embrace your wild spirit as we honor the power of feminine energy. Nourish the goddess within and embody your essence in this enriching yoga class. Back to Balance Yoga and Nutrition. 

Nutrition with Bracken

Holisitc Nutrtionist Bracken of Nutrition with Bracken will be joining us for the festival and offering nutritious and delicous meals and snacks at an additonal cost. Nutrtion with Bracken 

Rachel Benton

Embody your Intuitive Wild Woman: In this workshop, we will journey through the cycles to visit the maiden, the mother, the wise woman – healing, surrendering, activating & finally releasing the Intuitive Wild Woman within. You will be guided through embodiment practices to feel Her within you, hear Her call, open up to Her essence and embody every part of Her. Rachel Benton Coaching 


,We are so excited to have Queenyy bringing some powerful beats to the Festival for the Ecstatic Dance on Saturday evening. Stephanie Marcantonio, professionally known as Queenyy, is a multi-faceted musical and movement artist based in Ottawa, Canada. She takes listeners on a journey across the world through an extensive series of rhythms. Her passion for music, traveling, and dance has allowed to excel when it come to discovering, selecting, and mixing underground electronic global sounds across multi-genres. You can discover more about her and her music here 


Akaiy’ha is Founder of Medicine Women Rising and Creatrix of The Way Of The Wild Women Festival.  She will be facilitating Ceremony at the Festival as well as offering her book Unleash Her Wild ~ A Women’s Guide To Restoring Wholeness Through Ancient Feminine Wisdom in the Marketplace. For more info go to Medicine Women Rising

Magick happens when Women gather...

Schedule of Offerings

(subject to change)

Day 1 ~ Friday August 16th

12pm – Registration 

Arrive and Settle In (set up your tent and sleeping space)

Market Open- products and services from local Women Artisans and Craftswomen

3pm – Opening Ceremony & Welcome Sisters!

530pm – Dinner ***

630pm – Evening Workshops

8pm – Evening Bonfire & Release Ceremony

Day 2 ~ Saturday, August, 17th

8am – Morning Practices – Movement and Breath (in the four tents)

Cool Plunge in Magickal Pond 

10am – Workshops

12pm -Lunch and Market Open

Live performances of songs and poetry (sign up today!)

4pm – Workshops

6pm- Dinner ***

8pm ~ Evening Cacao and Ecstatic Dance (bring your Festival Wear!)

Bonfire Drumming (weather depending)

Day 3 ~ Sunday, August 18th

9am – Wild Woman Pond Dip (Nude optional)

11am – Workshops

Market Open

2pm – Closing Sacred Earth Ceremony  



  ~About the Land ~

We will be guests staying on 75 Acres of Land in Avonmore, ON, located in Mohawk territory. The Land holds a spring fed pond, Forested areas, and open Pastures for Festival Fun.  

Our promise is to leave no trace, and offer our Gratitude to Mama Earth for her space to hold us. 

~ Energy Exchange ~

3 Days Tenting & Festival Pass. All Activities included (with exception of cost of wild crafting supplies in some of the workshops). No Day Passes. Healthy Food options are available at the festival for purchase from Nutrition by Bracken, or you can bring your food. 

Bring your own drinking water or there is access to spring water on site (bring a jug to fill), tent, and sleeping gear. 

Early Bird $333 until May 31st.

Regular Price $444 after that.

There are a limited number of tickets available for this event. No Refunds.

WOWW Community Agreement 2024

To Register Click Below ...

If you would like to make a donation toward a ticket for a Woman who is experiencing financial challenges you can do so on the Eventbrite page when you purchase your ticket.

Please make sure you have read and agree to the Community Agreements before purchasing your ticket. 

Way Of The Wild Women Festival Community Agreements 2024

” I have been trying to find the words to express my gratitude for what this retreat awakened for me, the words that best describe it is “life changing”. I have spent these past few weeks in awe of what keeps coming up, and what I have been attracting into my life, and what is being let go.  The clarity of my calling, which isn’t completely clear, but coming into view.  All I know is I’m not afraid to leap, to allow The Great Mother to guide me, and the universe catch me.  I am so thankful for the sisterhood I have found in all of you, honestly not once did I feel out of place or awkward.  I felt at home. I felt held. I felt loved.  I have been able to integrate all of this. And it continues to give me strength. ” Sherri

” Thank you for being so unapologetically & beautifully representative of all things feminine- you are truly an inspiration to all of us & a force to be reckoned with. There is a softness to your strength & I believe you have been granted the gift of channeling the divine feminine energy & synthesizing it in A way that allows modern day women to resonate with & empower ourselves! ” Trina
” Thank-you so much for your offering.   I do feel altered today…like I am undergoing a major upgrade!!! Awesome! and once again what magnificently beautiful timing. I completely see why you love when you have the opportunity to share this with other women. Gosh so amazingly empowering, freeing and connecting. Wholeee shit! ”  Rhianna
” Thank you for the tools you gave me, What it means to be feminine (especially in my masculine dominant world ), Wild and flowing, she almost always gets shut down, (now she has permission to show up, I like her) , the give /take wheel, visualizing , how to create an altar, and how to dance and celebrate my feminine energy.  Thank you most of all for creating a safe space for me (and the other women) to be me. ” Patty
” Medicine Women Rising and her offerings have a special ability to hold space for women in a way that makes them feel safe, nurtured and supported.   Participating in her embodiment course was something I knew in my heart that I needed to do.  The  vulnerability I felt going to her embodiment class was quickly defused as we slowly and beautifully moved into a space of sharing, compassion and love for what it means to be a women.   I would recommend any class that she offers. ”  Shannon


” It has really come to light how much I was holding in my body and powering through – never giving my body/mind a rest (even when I though I was). I come to see that without realizing it I have been holding on to a backlog of stress in my body from kids hospital stays many years ago, to lack of sleep, to work related stress, etc. etc. I even can point to times my body has been calling out for me to take care of myself, culminating in appendicitis last year. ” LA

” The Naked Circle was so empowering for me.  I have felt restrained and restricted and restless for so so many years, and that night of the circle, for the first time in forever I felt free, I felt like a Goddess, I felt seen and accepted and appreciated and loved and held.  I wasn’t afraid I cannot wait to do it again.  It awoke the parts of me I only ever fantasized about, I can’t wait to expand on this experience. ” Sherri